Erica Loomis was born and raised in Southern California. Now the definition of a Renaissance woman, it’s not surprising that she is the granddaughter of a successful American illustrator. Erica maintains she has him to thank for both her early appreciation of art and tenacious, “Don’t you dare tell me I can’t do this!” attitude. Erica was diagnosed as dyslexic at a young age and she wholeheartedly agrees she was “more surprised than anyone” when she found she had a career as an author. While dyslexia initially kept her from writing, she now appreciates how her unique way of seeing the world gives her work a fresh perspective-- and she couldn’t be more grateful for that life- changing discovery.

Before putting pen to paper, Erica used her artistic skills and effervescent personality in many different ways. Although she signed with a well- known modeling agency right after high school, after a short time she realized that despite the promise of a lucrative career, it wasn’t what she wanted to dedicate her life to. She fell in love with sculpting while attending Santa Barbara City College before moving to San Francisco to study Interior Design. Since then, she has worked extensively as a set decorator, with a group of investors to renovate vintage Los Angeles apartment buildings, and in 2006, she sold her first series of paintings on her exhibition’s opening night. Erica’s upbringing taught her that success, outward beauty, and financial gain aren’t the path to true happiness, and throughout her many careers, Erica has always kept these time- honored values close to her heart. And, when she became a mother, Erica knew that being present for her kids was the most important thing of all!

Erica’s writing career began when she serendipitous crossed paths with a bestselling author who convinced Erica to allow her to read a short story she’d written-- to Erica, just a collection of words written solely for the purpose of self- reflection. Two days later, Erica received a call from her new friend’s publisher, saying, “You may not think you're a writer but you are.” Erica is forever grateful to both women for opening the door to a future she had no idea was waiting for her.

Erica Loomis currently resides in the greater Los Angeles area with her beloved family and several furry friends. When she isn’t writing, she can be found using her design skills to renovate her own century- old vintage home. Erica is excited for the release of her first short story in the collection Passport to Self- Discovery, whose pages she is honored to share with ten incredible female writers. She is now putting the finishing touches on her upcoming novel Falling to Grace. 

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Passport To Self-Discovery

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Because In Life it’s The Journey That Counts, Not the Destination. Do you feel like you need a change? Are you still looking for your true self? Have you been dreaming about a journey to faraway lands? Time to stop making excuses and finally take charge of your life!

The Passport to Self-Discovery is an extraordinary compilation of life-changing travel stories that will give you the inspiration you need to explore the world and yourself. This amazing book project created by best-selling author, Denita Austin and stories shared by remarkable authors will take you on adventures from Paris to Bali and all around the world. Dive into your wanderlust and book that ticket to live your life to the fullest.

Get in touch with your true self! Nothing will ever be the same after this extraordinary journey. An inspiring mix of travel experiences that will let you explore different parts of the world from the comfort of your own home. A book you can just pick up and enjoy whenever you have a spare minute. Your time is now! Get Ready To Change Your Life Through Travel

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